Important Campaign Update

This campaign has been the experience of my life.

I have been inspired and grateful to hear stories from hardworking families who share the common purpose of creating a better Chicago and Illinois.

A single mother I met while knocking on doors told me how urgently she needs quality child care -- so she can keep working at her multiple jobs while having peace of mind that her family is safe.

An elderly woman told me movingly of how much she wants to remain in her home and her neighborhood, and how frightened she is of proposed budget cuts eliminating home care assistance.

I met a hard-working schoolteacher who was having trouble making ends meet for her own family -- but was still willing to buy hundreds of dollars of supplies for her students out of her own pocket.

They were just a few of the many, many people who have inspired me to want to serve..

I am fortunate to have listened to that voice inside me that led me to raise my sails and go off on this journey without knowing what may come. I have enjoyed every piece of it. From knocking on doors, to learning the issues, and garnering petition signatures enabling me to earn a spot on the Democratic Primary ballot for State Representative of the 5th District.

I put my heart into this campaign, which makes it incredibly difficult to announce that I made the decision to withdraw from the race in order to have a unified Democratic party effort to hold this seat.

A previous State Representative for this district, Ken Dunkin, made national news – and even brought President Obama’s involvement against him – when he sided with Bruce Rauner to cut child care and weaken labor rights. Dunkin took millions of dollars from Bruce Rauner and his allies in 2016. Though we defeated him then, he is back again in 2018. We need to unify around one progressive Democratic candidate, otherwise Dunkin and his Republican allies could benefit from name recognition and a splintered field and potentially win – turning a safe Democratic seat in to, essentially, a Republican one.

I’ll be back in touch soon with my thoughts on how we can unify and keep this seat in Democratic hands.

Serving the City of Chicago and Illinois remains my passion and focus. I am committed to addressing our fiscal issues and the systemic imbalances that hurt the most disadvantaged communities. I am going to continue to advocate for more jobs that pay a livable wage, stronger public education, and safer communities.

It’s been my honor to have this experience. Thank you to all who signed my petition, who donated and who pledged to knock on doors and make phone calls. I am extremely grateful.

2017 was a year that brought me an incredible experience. This is not the end of my desire to serve, this is a new beginning.

Cheers and Happy New Year.